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Here you will find some screenshots from Mail Magic, to show you just how easy it is to create and manage your own mailing list. Click each image to see a bigger version. More coming soon!

Access all features easily from the main menu screen, including mailing lists, newsletters, autoresponders, subscribers, templates and forms.

Easily manage your subscribers for each list, features include:

  • Active or Inactive
  • Confirmed Subscription
  • Text or HTML Emails
  • Filtering by address, domain or date
  • All subscribers who clicked on a particular link
  • All subscribers who opened a particular email

Importing subscribers from an existing email list is easy, you can add them from a file (such as Excel or Notepad), copy them over from another database, or even monitor an email address for any emails sent with the words 'Subscribe' in the subject line!

You can also enter them in individually for new lists or existing smaller lists.

Compose your email message in our special editor, without any HTML knowledge. You can even upload and insert images and documents.

If you're using a template (included or your own) you will see the layout here too.

You can even create your newsletter using the content of another web page or from a file on your computer.


Just a few of the templates avaliable for you to use for your own newsletter, just click and go!